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Clubhouse Helpful Tips

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Clubhouse is semi-exclusive… for now.
In the app, users can enter into different rooms to listen or participate in a conversation. They’re able to see who else is there, and can also see their profiles.

Clubhouse is a space for casual, drop-in audio conversations — with friends and other interesting people around the world.

Go online anytime to chat with the people you follow or hop in as a listener and hear what others are talking about.
Clubhouse is a relatively unique app: the selling point that separates it from other social media platforms is its focus on social audio. No video livestreams, no text-based messaging, no uploading or downloading photos: just people talking and exchanging ideas.

Think of Clubhouse as a conference hall and each room a panel. Topics range from influencer culture to race and feminism to cryptocurrency to writing a book and chat rooms debunking myths about turning 30. Once you have a close-knit group on the app, you are free to create private rooms to spearhead your weekly catch-up or pretend you’re at a bar on a typical (pre-Covid) Friday night.

iPhone users can download the app from the Apple store and reserve a username. And now it’s available to Android users.
However, as it is still in beta testing, its exclusivity means you’ll be added to the waiting list unless you receive an invite via a friend or colleague. Each person gets to invite a handful of friends once their application is successful.
f you are able to get invited to the Clubhouse app, it can be a big win for your business.

The biggest draw of Clubhouse at the moment is the opportunity to connect with some of the world’s most prominent business leaders and entrepreneurs.
Clubhouse offers the opportunity to connect with others in your industry, as well as to network with other business leaders.

Clubhouse also offers a new way to humanize your business to others. The voice-note aspect of Clubhouse reportedly makes interactions on the platform feel more personal.

If your interest is piqued, rest assured, Here are your Clubhouse Helpful Checklist.